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Thanks for checking out my website.  
I've had a very varied career. Started shooting as a kid in High School, spending hours in the darkroom over the weekend. Took  off for  a 3 month trip to Europe for the summer and ended up living there for 4 years. This  is where I started to get involved in the  business of photography by assisting lots of photographers. 

Strangely enough, I ended up going into the food business a culinary degree, a HRM (hotel restaurant management)  and an English degree. Had a restaurant for a while. Left  for Europe again eight years later.  
I ended up working in front of the  camera for a good number of years - international campaigns for Camel, Wrangler, Bose, BMW and just about every  catalogue that was printed at the time and was on Guiding Light for a bit. I traveled the world in a very unique way.

Most importantly..I SAW the world in a unique way.

Using my connections to photographers I began  to  assist  them anytime I could. My passion and knowledge of the medium blew up and  I began to shoot small jobs professionally around 2000.

I've been at it ever since both in the US and Europe. I've shot furniture, lifestyle, catalogue and food in Germany, lingerie in Spain, catalogue in Majorca, South Africa and the US. I had a booming studio in Atlanta for 10 years and left  to move with my German wife to Germany due to health reasons. 

I've come back to  Asheville  to start again...

Give me a call...let's talk about your project. I have a wealth of experience to lend to your project and  will make sure you're more than happy with the end results.

Marc Pierre LeMauviel
(404) 218-3672